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Expert Psychological Associates

Web Design

About the project

The main focus of the design was to showcase their services as clearly and effectively as possible, while ensuring a user-friendly navigation experience for visitors. The first step in the process was an in-depth discovery session with the client to learn about their business and gain an understanding of what they wanted from the new site.

From there, we created mock-ups and discussed our ideas with them before finally moving on to the visual design stage. As part of this phase, we redesigned existing webpages using simple yet effective designs that made it easier for users to access information. To enhance their current content, we added high quality visuals that gave their webpages a more dynamic feel.

The result is an aesthetically pleasing website that incorporates Expert Psychological Associates’ brand identity while displaying essential information in an engaging way. All these features help visitors easily understand what services are being offered without feeling overwhelmed or confused when browsing the site.

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