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Dawkins Mediation

Web Design

About the project

Dawkins Mediation recently asked us to create a website that would better showcase their services and allow potential clients to learn more about the company. After studying the existing site, we developed a redesigned version that maintained the same logo and colour scheme while improving on the overall design and structure of the website.

The project focused on creating a user-friendly website with clear information, utilizing engaging visuals and minimal text to show case Dawkins Mediation's offerings. As such, all elements of the site are designed in an intuitive and modern style that highlights the services provided by this company.

On the home page, visitors are presented with large buttons containing succinct descriptions of each service; clicking on one brings up additional information about that particular service as well as contact information for Dawkins Mediation. The interior pages are broken down into easy-to-navigate sections which contain detailed information about different topics related to mediation and negotiation, as well as links to additional resources. Finally, we also included an About Us section which showcases what makes Dawkins Mediation unique, giving visitors an insight into their values and approach.

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