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Web Design, Branding, Logo

About the project

We were recently commissioned to create a website for Davidoff Prints, an emerging digital artist selling digital prints.

The project started with the design of a logo that could help set the brand apart from its competitors and give it an identifiable image. We then chose the colours and themes that best fit their target market – one of creativity, originality and modernity.

The next step was to create a fully functioning website with an easy-to-use layout for users to browse the different digital prints available for purchase. We implemented features such as secure payment processing, customer account management and shipping options to ensure customers have an enjoyable shopping experience. In addition, we also optimised the site for mobile users so that anyone could easily access the site regardless of what device they were using.

The final result is a website that reflects Davidoff Prints' artistic vision and provides customers with a smooth buying process. It’s a great way for the artist to start selling digital prints in today’s online world!

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