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Migrate Website

About the project

The goal of the project was to provide users with a better user experience and make the website more efficient, optimized for mobile devices.

To begin, we migrated all content from the existing website to the new platform, including photos, videos, text content and any other information that had been stored on the original site. After this step was completed, we began to reorganize the layout of the new website, streamlining navigation options and improving usability. We also worked on updating some of the existing features, making them easier for customers to access.

Finally, we worked on optimizing the website for mobile devices. This included making sure images were resized appropriately for different devices and ensuring that all page elements were properly formatted for display on phones and tablets. Once we finished with this process, the site was tested thoroughly before releasing it live so that it would function correctly across all platforms.

The project was successful in achieving its goal; after completion of my work customers experienced an improved user experience when accessing the website from mobile devices or desktop computers.

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